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0001739Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-11-07 11:53
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Summary0001739: Hover Mode as "Creative mode Flying"
DescriptionEnabeling hover mode of Electric Jetpack makes me fly like Creative mode flying, although ascending and descending is slower while pressing Space, Shif.

Minecraft: 1.7.10
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2015-10-06 15:04


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2015-10-06 17:29

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Same goes for Jetpack


2015-11-07 11:43

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Bug confirmed in 2.2.791-experimental as well, with both Jetpack and Electric Jetpack. While [LSHIFT] does allow you to descend, when you touch down while in Hover Mode, the jetpack is still running and consuming energy/fuel. The only way to cut it off is to disable Hover Mode.

(My setup is also Forge on MC 1.7.10)

Steps to reproduce:
Equip either Jetpack or Electric Jetpack as chest armor. Switch to Hover Mode by pressing Mode Switch Key while holding down [SPACE]. Release [SPACE].

Expected behavior:
Jetpack should cut off when [SPACE] is released, player should slowly sink down to ground and land without damage.

Actual behavior:
Jetpack does not cut off when [SPACE] is released, player stays at same altitude. It is possible to descend using [LSHIFT] but jetpack does not cut off even when touching down on ground, continuing to consume fuel/energy. The only way to cut off the jetpack is to disable Hover Mode.

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