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0001756Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-10-29 12:06
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Summary0001756: OreDict recipes for Nuclear/RTG fuels do not load.
DescriptionOf the fuel recipes in the spahed_recipes.ini

; MOX Nuclear Fuel
IC2:itemMOX = "UUU|CCC|UUU" U:IC2:itemUran238 C:IC2:itemPlutonium,\
    "UUU|CCC|UUU" U:IC2:itemUran238 C:OreDict:ingotPlutonium,\
    "UUU|CCC|UUU" U:OreDict:ingotUranium C:IC2:itemPlutonium,\
    "UUU|CCC|UUU" U:OreDict:ingotUranium C:OreDict:ingotPlutonium

Only the first recipe loads. The other 3 are missing. Happens to all recipe using this style. (RTG Pellets, ...)
Started beween IC2 781-790.
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duplicate of 0001753 new Plantball receipe broken 



2015-10-27 23:26

developer   ~0004292

I think this is related to 0001753, it looks like multi-line recipes don't work properly anymore.

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