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0001809Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2016-02-15 19:10
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OSwindows 10 
Summary0001809: Can't craft diamond drill.
DescriptionI couldn't craft a diamond drill in survival game.
The problem was solved when I changed gamemode to creative, get an elecric motor to my inventory.
After these steps I was able to craft a diamond drill, but there still was no icon of it is the result window of crafting table
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2016-02-13 13:33

developer   ~0004374

Have you modified the Iron Turning Blank in a Turning Table?


2016-02-13 19:07

reporter   ~0004375

After changing gamemode to creative, getting motor, and changing it back, I made a diamond drill from the same materials.


2016-02-13 19:17

reporter   ~0004376

Here is the video


2016-02-13 19:19

reporter   ~0004377

May be it should not be neccesary motor, but it does not work with drill, blank or diamonds (when I tried to craft it from new parts)

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