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0001819Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2016-03-02 10:55
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Summary0001819: Trade-O-Mat duplicates items
DescriptionThe Trade-O-Mat doesnt need an adjacen chest containing the items it's supposed to give out, but instead basically trades the item for nothing. It allows any player to get a stack of mass fabricators or whatever thing they need by sacrificing a stack of cobblestone or whatever item they have to spare, once they have crafted a single instance of the desired item.
Steps To ReproduceThere's really not much to it, any item in the want/offer slot will do, worked with any items I've tried it with, including items from other mods.
Additional Informationthis happens on version : industrialcraft-2-2.2.811-experimental
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2016-03-01 14:38


IC2 TradeOMat bug.png (315,696 bytes)


2016-03-02 10:55

developer   ~0004392

Then it's working as expected, as if you set it to infinite stock it will trade for nothing. Hence the option exists for server admins.

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