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0001843Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2016-04-07 18:24
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Platformserver: linux, client: windowsOSserver: fedora22, client win10OS Version64bits
Summary0001843: 1.8.9 mutiplayer, at the moment machines start or stop work, the players neer by machines droped line
Descriptionserver: forge-1.8.9-
client: 1.8.9 with IC2 (industrialcraft-2-2.3.175-ex18) and IC2-API (industrialcraft-2-2.3.175-ex18-api)

Steps To Reproduce1. prepare 2 client with same env.

2. edit, named new world "world_test", run server create world.

3. client A join server, server cmd input "op A" and "gamemode 1 A"

4. client B join server, server cmd input "op A" and "gamemode 1 A"

5. client A start to create machines or use laser-gun, client B droped.

6. client B login again, start to use laser-gun, client B droped again.
Additional Informationtest different forge version:

all reproduce success.

test differe IC2 mod version:

both reproduce success.
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has duplicate 0001845 closedAroma1997 client get disconnected when another player activate any machine 



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