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0001854Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2016-04-18 04:05
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PlatformJava 8 u73 - IC2 version 2.2.811OSWindowsOS Version8.1
Summary0001854: Tier 1 chargepad (batbox) not charging Tier 1 equipped armor (BatPack)
DescriptionI know that Chargepads are designed to only charge items with an equal or lower power tier. However, Batbox and CESU chargepads are not charging their equivalent armor-slot equipped Batpacks. Charging behavior when holding items is still behaving as expected. If an MFE or higher Chargepad is used, then armor equipped items are charged properly.
Steps To Reproduce1. Craft a Batbox or CESU Chargepad.
2. Place chargepad and add power.
3. Equip an empty BatPack (tier 1).
4. Stand on chargepad.
5. Notice the BatPack is not charging.
6. Replace Chargepad with an MFE or higher Chargepad version.
7. Stand on Chargepad, and notice that equipped Batpack is now being charged.
Tagsbatpack, chargepad, EU
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2016-04-14 22:12

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Tested in 2.2.820 (Latest) as well, same issue.

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