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0001880Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2016-08-04 21:07
Reportervadimyer Assigned ToAroma1997  
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Summary0001880: Server stall, something with fluids and tesseract from TE
DescriptionThat's the only thing I have:

I do not know how to reproduce that. This happened a few times and after that the server cannot be started, because it immediately gets stalled with the same error.

In order to keep server running I had to disable tesseracts. Reported the same problem to TE devs, but they believe it's not their fault. So please can you fix that?
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2016-05-30 19:30

developer   ~0004510

I didn't even know, cauldron was updated to Minecraft 1.8.9...


2016-05-30 19:33

reporter   ~0004511

What do you mean? I run Thermos B55, that's MC 1.7.10.


2016-05-30 19:37

developer   ~0004512

Well, then you should post the versions and mods used...


2016-05-30 19:39

reporter   ~0004513

The mods are:
(ic2 folder => EJML-core-0.26.jar)


2016-06-14 18:50

reporter   ~0004568

Please tell if you can fix that or not. I can pay enough for a fix with paypal. Just would like tesseracts to work without any hassle with IC2.


2016-08-04 17:56

developer   ~0004674

Could you post the entire log file?


2016-08-04 21:05

reporter   ~0004676

Last edited: 2016-08-04 21:07

I got only one, a bit different from what I've taken the screenshot of, but I think they are both for the same issue:

Thermal devs think it's IC2's issue, something's up with liquids, but we could not find out the real cause of that, so we turned off the tesseract. I know this really could be the Thermal's issue, but...


2016-08-04 21:06

reporter   ~0004677

Last edited: 2016-08-04 21:06

The stack trace is at 19:51:07.

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