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0000189Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2012-12-23 01:06
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Summary0000189: Failed to change from 1.2.5. to 1.4.5 (lost all machines, even in the chests)

I'm failing at "converting" my map from 1.2.5 to 1.4.5. ALL machines and blocks have been removed. Even the machines in the chests disappeared.

I still got a backup but not sure what to do.

(Look at the ScreenShot / Uploaded file. On the right there were Crops and on the left Rubber Trees. Only some ores and cells have been kept in the chests. Even my Nuclear Reactor just disappeared.)
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2012-12-17 16:58


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2012-12-17 22:24

reporter   ~0000503

Not sure if this will work, but maybe try installing and running IC2 version 1.106 first? It might be because of the update gap.


2012-12-17 22:33

reporter   ~0000504

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Looks like you didn't keep your config and all your block IDs for IC2 reassigned themselves. Forge has been cracking down on the <255 block ID space lately, and it's now automatically reassigning outside of it when possible.

Did you keep a backup of your save? Getting the stuff back is going to be near-impossible if you didn't, but if you did, just get a config from an older IC2 and plug it in before you re-run the game and open a copy of the backup -- it should just work.

Edit: Also, for what it's worth, this isn't an IC2 bug, nor is it anything IC2 can really help beyond what it's already doing (recent IC2 versions include their block and item ID assignments with the save, so they can warn you when something changes). Please feel free to make a thread in the Support forum for further assistance.


2012-12-18 12:26

reporter   ~0000512

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Hi there!

@MikesJam: I will give it a try. Thanks :)

@narc Yes, I have a backup of the world (around 1 month old is the oldest which should work 100%). I first gonna try Mikes suggestions but I don't have the old IDs (the config I mean)

EDIT: I'm trying it with "minecraftforge-universal-" and IC2 1.106 but it gives man an error. Is that the wrong MCForge version?

EDIT2: Thank you very much Mike! You suggestion fixed it.


2012-12-20 22:35

reporter   ~0000522

They have said that it is reccomended just to start again, not just for this issue but there is new world gen in many mods, i think this includes this!


2012-12-22 14:14

administrator   ~0000542

IC2 should verify the block and item ids when loading a map, please try again and post the fml log.


2012-12-22 18:13

reporter   ~0000545

@Player If it were an old enough IC2 (and he mentions 1.2.5), it might have been from before it was storing ic2_map.cfg. Apparently running 1.106 to regen his old config fixed it, though, so not sure if he can still reproduce.


2012-12-22 21:27

reporter   ~0000547

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Hi and thanks for your replies. But please read my last comment. I fixed bug by running an older version first, then the newest.


2012-12-23 01:06

administrator   ~0000548

Looks like Forge's Configuration is broken for block ids < 256 and item ids < 3840.

It refuses to use the passed-in default value which breaks compatiblity with old maps. That's also why we still use the original low block ids.

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