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0001903Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2016-06-15 07:10
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PlatformlaptopOSwindowsOS Version10 64 bit
Summary0001903: kind of a dupe glitch with cells
DescriptionWell I am using the latest version of industrial craft 2 that I can find for minecraft version 1.7.10 (v 2.2.822) and what the problem is, is that whenever I try to fill a cell with lava it gives me 8 lava cells for 1 cell.. doesn't do it for water and I haven't tried any other fluids.
Steps To ReproduceFIll a cell with lava
Additional InformationI know this is an old version of the mod and really it's experimental but since a lot of players are stuck with version 1.7.10 because a lot of their favorite mods aren't out yet, this needs to be fixed, it's nothing major just a bug that can result in the mod being uneven. Imagine if this can be done with the coolant fluid(unlimited overclocker upgrades) and with lava in geothermal generators (tons of eu).
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Minecraft Version1.7.10



2016-06-15 07:10

developer   ~0004569

Can you try to see, if the bug persists, when only running IC2 with no other mods?

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