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0001928Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2016-07-19 10:05
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Summary0001928: Wrench/Electric Wrench doesn't remove machines
DescriptionRotating machines works correctly. IC2 Exp v2.5.59-ex19
Additional InformationTemporary way to remove machines is setting ignoreWrenchRequirement true.
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Minecraft Version1.9.4



2016-07-17 09:18

developer   ~0004627

What machines does the wrench not remove?


2016-07-17 12:40

reporter   ~0004628

Every machine. I tried to remove Electric Furnace, Steam Boiler, CESU, BatBox and Kinetic Generator.


2016-07-17 23:54

reporter   ~0004632

Upgrading Minecraft to 1.10.2, Forge to 2011 and IC2 to 2.6.12 fixed the issue.


2016-07-19 10:05

reporter   ~0004633

same here. remove the shield out of the right hand, then retry, it should work then

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