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0000202Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2012-12-28 16:35
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Summary0000202: Ic² 1.112 beta can`t create a Map (only used with a Server)
DescriptionIC² 1.112 beta can`t create a Map (as Server). The Map looks weird. All kind of Blocks randomly over the Map. Every Chunk a another design.

It`s art!!! :D

(Excuse my bad English)

PS: I`m quite sure, the bug comes from IC² because I testet with every singel Mod.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install a normal Minecraft Server.
2. Install Forge.
3. Put the IC² jar File into the Mod Folder.
4. Create a New Map.
5. Enjoy...
Additional InformationI Installed following Mods:
Buildcraft 3.3.0
NEI (with Plugins and Core of course...)
RedPower 2.0pr6
WR-CBE (Wireless Redstone from the NEI Guy)
REI`S Minimap
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2012-12-24 00:18


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2012-12-27 13:29

reporter   ~0000577

Sorry, my fault... Thise Bug came from Forge... I didn`t used the 471...

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