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0002105Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2017-02-08 15:04
ReporterKU_jijii Assigned ToChocohead  
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Platformx86_64OSwindowsOS Version7
Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.10.x 
Summary0002105: [minecraft][IC2]Mining laser makes duplicate some kinds of block
DescriptionSee the following movie.
Mining laser makes dupe sponge blocks.
My IC2 version is 2.6.161.
Steps To Reproduce1.put a block floating in the air(sponge or cobblestone)
2.set your laser to mode super-heat.
3.shoot the block from bottom side.
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Minecraft Version1.10.2


duplicate of 0002001 resolvedChocohead Mining laser Super-heat mode duplicates stone blocks 



2017-02-03 17:05

developer   ~0005042

Fixed in IC2 2.6.164

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