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Summary0002139: Slag (Coal Dust + Gold) Production Exploit
DescriptionIt's possible to create a closed loop production cycle that infinitely produces Slag, using a Blast Furnace and a Macerator.

When Steel is put in a Macerator, it doesn't produce Steel Dust (which doesn't seem to exist in Industrialcraft) but instead produces Iron Dust. This means that the newly dusted Iron can be sent back to the Blast Furnace. On its own, this isn't a major issue, but because the byproducts of this process (the Slag) is relatively valuable (in the form of Coal Dust and Gold), it's possible to generate large quantities of both requiring very trivial costs. By my estimates, using this process, a person can produce a single unit of Coal Dust for only 17262 EU (and this is using Electric Heaters; a Radioisotope Heat Generator would essentially make this a free process!). While this is more than the cost of producing Coal Dust using Scrap-fed UU-matter (which I value to be about 13,338 EU), it's a lot less than UU-matter without Scrap Feeding (133,386 EU), and because it only requires access to a blast furnace and a Thermal Centrifuge, it's a much easier setup than a Mass Fabricator. The amount of gold produced through this process is also non-trivial.

My fix would be to have macerated Steel either produce Steel Dust (which cannot be further processed, breaking the cycle) or have it produce less than a whole dust of iron (maybe 8 dust?), which would at least force there to be an external supply of iron
Steps To ReproduceCreate a closed loop between a blast furnace, a macerator, and a compressor, using sorting machines or your item logistics mod of choice, with an output for Thermal Centrifuge Byproducts.

For especially cheap products, one might use a Radioisotope Heat Generator and a single pellet of RTG fuel to run the Blast Furnace, cutting out the bulk of the cost.

Have Steel routed to the Macerator, have Dusted Iron sent to the blast furnace, have compressed air cells routed to the blast furnace, have empty cells routed to the compressor, have slag routed to the Thermal Centrifuge.

Send products of Thermal Centrifuge to nearby chest.

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Minecraft Version1.10.2


has duplicate 0002460 resolvedChocohead Infinite coal dust and tiny gold piles production loop 



2017-03-31 15:09

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It's a loop that has been pointed out before ( The actual benefit is small as you're constantly using power to keep the blast furnace, macerator, compressor and thermal centrifuge running for it to work. At the point where you'd got an RHG, you've also got plutonium so the amount of gold produced is minimal to the resources you must already have, and coal dust itself isn't terribly useful for anything that doesn't use more expensive things in it's recipe too. As well as the fact using a recycler,with the scrapbox drops you're more likely to get better resources for the same power input.

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