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0000214Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-09-22 10:25
Reporterbruteman Assigned ToThunderdark  
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PlatformJava 64 bitOSWindowsOS Version7 - 64 Bit
Summary0000214: Miner is dupeing mining pipes on retraction
Descriptionwhen you send a miner minign and its done to bedrock or whatever and you retract the pipes it seems to be counting the mining head as a extra pipe at the end of the retraction giving you + 1 or + 2 mining pipes more then you started with.
Steps To Reproduce1. setup on level 64 some where in a world
2. get power and the following parts i used (not sure if its parts related)
3. diamond drill , ov scanner 64 mining pipes,
4. put a pump beside the miner with some empty cells in it and power.
5. put a chest beside miner and beside pump
6. let it mine to bottom or where ever
7. replace left over pipes with stack of cobble stone and let retraction begin (put leftover pipes in chest if you want)
8. after its all done your chest will contain between 65 and 66 pipes.
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2013-01-24 19:30

reporter   ~0000676

Same results with non-diamond mining drill, ov-scanner and less than 64 pipes.

Also I didn't use any filling material (like cobblestone)

p.s. I get exactly one extra pipe every time


2013-01-24 21:16

reporter   ~0000678

I might be wrong but wasn't that the crude fix for the even worse duping bug from the earlier IC2 beta


2013-01-24 21:52

reporter   ~0000679

last bug the head would eat a pipe every step down so 64 pipes only = 32 levels of mining . this seems to be a bug with the retraction.


2013-09-22 10:25

viewer   ~0001522

clean up Manits Bug Tracker..close automatic all Bug report > 6 months if the error still exists in the current version > IC2 2.0.217 please report new Thx.

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