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0002190Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2017-07-11 02:23
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Summary0002190: Wind mill loses its rotor randomly
DescriptionSeveral Wind mill with carbon rotors are set with chunk loader configured. After some server crash/restart they do not behave well. Some of them may display in the GUI as a 100% health rotor, but actually they have worked for a period of time; others may vanish once the GUI of wind mill is opened, but the wind mill keeps working as usual; if client re-login to the server, the rotors can be seen rotating normally.

It is also noticed that opening the GUI multiple times might cause the vanish happen for a weird rotor.
Steps To ReproduceNot sure how to reproduce, but load/unload chunk or server crash/restart should cause the problem.
Additional InformationNBT data (screenshot) of the problematic rotors are attached. But I am not quite sure how the two bad rotors behave(kind of messed up with them), although there are one that would vanish, but the other one vanishes when I opened the windmill GUI (however, after just few minutes and several GUI opening, that rotor also vanishes).
NBT data of another good rotor is also attached.
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Minecraft Version1.11.2



2017-05-23 12:59

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2017-07-11 02:23

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Probably the same situation: when right clicking on the wind turbine when the rotor is probably worn out (), it moves into the player inventory. Putting this rotor back into the turbine, it works again, apparently at 100% health, but will still pop out the same. Tested with carbon fibre rotors.

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