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0002194Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2017-06-03 13:24
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Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.11.x 
Summary0002194: Quantum/NanoSuit Armor Durability (+ Eu Jetpack)
DescriptionHello !
On Quantum and NanoSuit Armors, there is a problem with their durabilities.

It's like there are 2 Armors in one.
-And one with a EU Durabilities
-One with a "normal" Durabilities (This is the bug)

When I take Falling Damage, the "normal" Durabilities decreases until it will break.

On all parts with all NanoSuit (Except boots which work well)

And on the Helmet and leggins parts on QuantumSuit (Chestplate is working but it is refresh 1/2 second after) Without the boots (If not, I don't take any damage).

Parts which are bugging (If there are not broken) are refreshed after a damage. But we can break them.

I have a screen to shown it.

Also, when a Jetpack is empty it can be broken. if I take some damages. It is refresh each times I use it but there is the same bug.


Steps To Reproduce
-Get a NanoSuit Armor (Or Quantum without the boots)

-Use a Jetpack it's easier

-Jump and get falling damage

-Look : 1M Of Eu but "Durabilities" is not full.

-Repeat to break it

-Take Damage (Mob, Lava) to refresh them.
Additional InformationMultiplayer and Singleplayer
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Minecraft Version1.11.2



2017-05-30 15:32



2017-05-30 15:55

reporter   ~0005280

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The Bug is also present on : Fire Damame (Not Lava) and suffocation which drain the "Normal" Durability and can break the armor or the Jetpack

On version IC2 industrialcraft-2-2.7.52-ex111


2017-06-02 07:52

administrator   ~0005283

Last edited: 2017-06-02 07:53

They use Forge's ISpecialArmor with a damageArmor() implementation that completely blocks regular damage application. This means that the bug is most likely in Forge or less likely in another mod that incorrectly applies damage to the armor stack directly.


2017-06-02 08:34

administrator   ~0005284

The latest build adds a workaround and detection for the faulty cases (logIncorrectItemDamaging in IC2.ini).

I however couldn't reproduce the problem myself with just IC2 in SP. My basic test involved nano helmet+legs+boots and an electric jetpack, then dropping from considerable height in survival. Please try again with the latest build and said setting, it should give us some insight into what's going on.


2017-06-03 09:41

reporter   ~0005291

Now it's working.
You can close.
Thank you for you support !

Maybe a mod problem ! ;)

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