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0002195Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2017-06-02 13:13
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PlatformTwitch/CurseOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002195: Railcraft requires .192 build of IC2
DescriptionA recent update in the Railcraft mod requires build .192 or later for 1.10 to be available. I see that there is a much later version on your website.

I assume you must do something to update the build available in the Twitch/Curse mod. If so then please ensure a later version is available. I have to disable Railcraft or not upload any updates until I can access a later IC2 build than is currently available in this 3rd party mod installation utility.

Steps To ReproduceUsing the Curse (now Twitch) Minecraft mod installation utility (a wrapper around the Minecraft Launcher that conveniently allows users to add or remove and update Minecraft mods) install Railcraft and IC2 as mods for Minecraft 1.10.
Start the modded Minecraft instance
See error message indicating a mod dependency from Railcraft on IC2 requiring a newer version of IC2, 192 (currently only 188 is available)
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Minecraft Version1.10



2017-06-01 15:09

developer   ~0005281

There's 2.6.210 that's marked as beta on Curse, can't you use that one until a new release build is added?


2017-06-02 07:46

administrator   ~0005282

I've pushed the latest builds as releases since the energy net changes should have sufficiently stabilized. They are obviously not too well tested, but I think we're more stable than most other mods anyway ;)


2017-06-02 13:13

reporter   ~0005285

Ah, well I appreciate your sense of quality control. I might have accepted the answer that you were waiting until you were sure of the quality of your mod. But being a software developer myself with close contact with my users, I know that the situation for most people would seem as helpless as I made it sound in my description. I suspect many users will appreciate being rescued from this "forced bad choice" between mods with your update even if it means there might be some bugs lurking somewhere.

In the future I will look at the beta builds as an option. With my test setup I was able to understand what was going on before I was confronted with the unpleasant choice while opening up my "main game". But perhaps for most users who know how to use Twitch but don't understand much about how it works, posting a build there that avoids a critical failure to load the game in general is generally a good idea!

Thanks again!

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