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0002203Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2019-06-21 13:18
ReporterdevuntAssigned ToChocohead 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
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Summary0002203: Tool Box is disapeearing when a player click it while it is opened
DescriptionTool Box is disapeearing when a player click it while it is opened in SMP server. Reconnecting does not make it back while server log says nothing.
There is no way to make it back.

When tried this in single player, tool box is dropped in the ground instead of just disappearing forever.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get Tool Box.
2. Open Tool Box by using it.
3. While Tool Box is opened, in a Tool Box GUI, click the Tool Box item that is currently opened.
4-1. In a singleplayer, Tool Box will be dropped.
4-2. In a multiplayer, Tool Box will be disappeared forever.
Additional InformationForge version:
IC2 version: 2.7.62-ex111
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Minecraft Version1.11.2


related to 0002193 resolvedChocohead Items with GUI cause server crash 



2019-06-21 13:18

developer   ~0006041

Not seeing this with 1.12

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