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0002212Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2017-07-01 13:22
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Summary0002212: EU-Splitter Cable disconnects all before and after it.
DescriptionIf you reproduce the setup as in the screenshot (placing cables in that order), after switching the lever, the consumer will stop receiving current. Switching on and off again, or relogging, fixes the problem. However in one case, that i failed to reproduce, bug stays all the time, every time switching off all machines on the cable. Even after restart.
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Minecraft Version1.10.2



2017-06-24 22:15


2017-06-25_00.02.15.jpg (648,467 bytes)


2017-06-24 22:18

reporter   ~0005323



2017-06-28 15:30

reporter   ~0005331

Industrialcraft version: 2-2.7.59-ex111
Forge version: forge1.11.2-


2017-06-28 15:32

reporter   ~0005332

Sorry mate, I was on the wrong topic! :\


2017-06-30 07:30

developer   ~0005338

And what exactly is the problem there?
It's supposed to disconnect from other cables, when it has a redstone signal and connect again, when it doesn't have a redstone signal.


2017-07-01 10:02

reporter   ~0005345

Isn't it supposed to disconnect everything after itself, not before? Like a switch.


2017-07-01 12:49


2017-07-01_15.45.53.png (639,847 bytes)


2017-07-01 13:22

reporter   ~0005346

Uploaded another screenshot. EU-Splitter disabled current flow from one CESU to another. Is it supposed to do that?

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