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0000223Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2014-08-07 11:14
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Summary0000223: Electric Armor and Tools can be enchanted in Anvil.
DescriptionNuf said?

Electric Armor and Tools can be enchanted in Anvil.
Steps To ReproduceGet levels (bottles or command).
enchant books (vanilla)
use enchanted books in anvil with tool/armor of your choise.
Additional InformationI use Forge, IC2 1.112-170lf and GregTech 2.73b (some other mods also included but dont think they are responsible for this). Would GT repice change interfear with the enchanting hook?
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2012-12-30 20:52

reporter   ~0000599

It is the new feature of minecraft which causes the bug. Time to bug Richard-G about it.


2013-02-02 15:37

reporter   ~0000742

actually IC2 support enchanting intentionally...


2013-02-03 18:51

reporter   ~0000743

If it would support enchants, they should be able to be aply by enchanting table. So as they are not supported by enchanting table, they are not supose to be enchantable, with table or anvil. 1+1=bug?

Dev's confirm?


2013-02-05 10:30

reporter   ~0000748

check source, devs implementer fortune enchant support for every tool and for miner, this obviously intentional.


2013-02-05 22:36

reporter   ~0000757

@RawCode: Where can the source code be found? My Google Fu didn't find anything. It always suggested for IC2 being a closed source mod.


2013-02-06 01:21

reporter   ~0000760

@RawCode, it's been confirmed by player himself. Therefore, it's not a feature.
@MilConDoin, RawCode's probably referring to the decompiled source using MCP.


2013-02-06 08:01

reporter   ~0000764

decompiled sources, check miner TE code for more info, confirmed or not, full enchantment support on electric tool implemented.

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