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0002235Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2017-07-19 00:44
ReporterTerodeness Assigned ToChocohead  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.10.x 
Summary0002235: Bugged consumption of filled cans.
DescriptionIC: industrialcraft-2-2.6.245-ex110 (latest release)

Eating filled cans consumes wrong amount (only one of cans but gives the right amount back in empty ones and right amount of hunger points.
Also it makes it a quite nice gen of tin since you can macerate cans back into dust.
Steps To ReproduceExamples:
I have 6 filled cans and I'm down to last 3 drumsticks. I use the cans, it consumes one but gives me 3 drumsticks and 6 empty cans.

I have 64 filled cans. and I have 5 drumstick left. I use them, it consumes one but gives me 5 drumsticks (to full hunger bar) and 10 empty cans.
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Minecraft Version1.10.2



2017-07-19 00:44

developer   ~0005391

Ah yes, that's not ideal. Fixed in IC2 2.6.249

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