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Summary0002268: (1.11.2) Painted Construction Foam Walls w/ EU Cables Lose Color Upon Restart
DescriptionDried blocks containing EU cables that have been painted will keep their color only until the MC server restarts.

Attempting to repaint them will fail, but the action does take some durability away from the painter, implying that the painter is trying!

The work around (until another restart anyway) is to break the dried foam wall around the EU cable and respray with fresh foam.

This was noticed in:

(and at least 1 earlier IC2 release from Curseforge)
Steps To ReproduceLay down some EU cable (rubber tin and rubber copper used in my example)

Spray it with CF Spray

Allow it to dry or use sand as a workaround

Paint the block with a painter (black in my own example)

Restart the MC server and return to the blocks to find the standard grey paint color returned
Tagscf spray, construction foam, eu cable, paint, painter
Minecraft Version1.11.2



2017-10-04 07:38

reporter   ~0005460

I apologize for not including the forge version beforehand:

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