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0002284Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2017-12-01 20:50
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Target VersionFixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.12.x 
Summary0002284: IC2 not registering output materials for other mods
DescriptionI added OreDict:oreAluminum = thermalfoundation:material:68*2 to the macerator.ini file that I copied to the config/ic2 folder.
 This should turn an Ore of Aluminum into two ingots of Thermal Foundation Aluminum. I also tried without the *2 just to make
sure. I have Thermal, Embers, and Vulpes Library (advanced rocketry) forms of aluminum ore.

I also added OreDict:ingotAluminum = thermalfoundation:material:324 to the metal former rolling file that I copied into the config/ic2 folder. This should turn one ingot of any type to a Thermal Foundation Plate.

The logs result in:
Skipping recipe using OreDict:oreAluminum due to unresolvable output thermalfoundation:material:68.
ic2.core.util.Config$ParseException: invalid output specified: OreDict:oreAluminum at line 34 (OreDict:oreAluminum = thermalfoundation:material:68).


Skipping recipe using OreDict:ingotAluminum due to unresolvable output thermalfoundation:material:324.
ic2.core.util.Config$ParseException: invalid output specified: OreDict:ingotAluminum at line 35 (OreDict:ingotAluminum = thermalfoundation:material:324).

I feels like IC2 is registering all of it's recipes prior to registering other mods resources. Since IC2 does not utilize Aluminum there are no aluminum types I can create in IC2. The cooking of dust works fine in the Electric Furnace because I added dust to ingots via CraftTweaker to all furnaces.
Steps To Reproduce1. Copy the .ini files from the IC2 jar file to Minecraft/Config/ic2 folder.
2. Add the above lines to the Minecraft/Config/ic2 folder .ini files.
3. Ensure Thermal Foundation and IC2 are installed
4. Start the game and try to Macerator or metal form Aluminum.
5. Log file shows errors as annotated under description.
Additional InformationMinecraft 1.12.2
IC2 2.8.16-ex112
Thermal Foundation 1.12.2-

Desired result would have IC2 load recipes after resources from all mods are registered OR include compatibility settings for ore dictionary resources with other mods as default for the macerator/furnace/metal former.
Tagscompatability, machines, recipe error, resource loading
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2017-12-01 20:50

developer   ~0005472

You've got the output format slightly wrong, it's domain:name@meta*amount

Thus for where you have thermalfoundation:material:68, you actually want thermalfoundation:material@68. As other wise it looks for the Thermal Foundation item material:68 with meta 0 (ie the default) which doesn't exist, rather than material with meta 68.

On a side note, it does look like the error reporting has managed to get the input and output the wrong way around, which might have added some confusion about what's actually wrong.

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