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0002298Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2018-01-27 18:30
Reporterkiki64 Assigned ToChocohead  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.12.x 
Summary0002298: Steam generator (Steam Boiler) front active is misaligned by 1 px.
DescriptionJust a touch annoying.
Steps To ReproduceIf you have the Steam generator in a repeating on / off state it is easy to notice.
Additional InformationMinecraft 1.12.2
Minecraft Forge
IndustrialCraft 2 (2.8.37-ex112)

Suggested Fix:
  Delete \assets\ic2\textures\blocks\machine\fluid\steam_generator_front_active.png
  Copy \assets\ic2\textures\blocks\machine\fluid\steam_generator_back_active.png
  Rename copy to steam_generator_front_active.png
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-01-27 18:30

developer   ~0005529

You are right indeed, both with the problem and the fix, thanks for your help.

Fixed in IC2 2.8.48

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