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Summary0002312: UU-Matter consumption inconsistent
DescriptionHi folks.
This is not so much a bug, but just informative that the whole UU-Matter balance seems to be severely off.

I have had to manually add in values for things like minecraft:obsidian as it requires 437 BUCKETS (not mB) of fluid.

Just another note is that I have increased the power consumption multiplier to 2,0 in the config. Is this the root cause of my problem?

I have included my server's config file for verification that I didnt do something wrong.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-01-29 15:32


IC2.ini (8,161 bytes)


2018-02-20 22:50

developer   ~0005559

It's a flaw in the way the UU matter values are calculated, the numbers are from how commonly they can be found in the world. This results in rarer things (relatively speaking) like obsidian or plants are much more expensive than would logically make sense. The UU rework should aid with this via the UU Assembly Bench.

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