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Summary0002345: New oil refinery from buildcraft (BC8 / 7.99+)
In buildcraft was changed oil processing system (in BC8 version). Now oil refineries processing to gas and some liquid fuel. On screen some results of oil processing.

So, semifluid generator can take only "raw oil" (not processing), but in config contains lines:
semiFluidOil = 1.0
semiFluidFuel = 1.0
semiFluidBiomass = 1.0
semiFluidBioethanol = 1.0
semiFluidBiogas = 1.0

This lines actual to old version of buildcraft, in new - no one take new fluids.
Please add support for new fluids, thanks!
Tagsbuildcraft, Fluid, Oil
Minecraft Version1.12.2


has duplicate 0002402 resolvedChocohead Semifluid generator won't accept BuildCraft fuels 
has duplicate 0002431 resolved Buildcraft 7.99 fuels not working in semifluid generator. 



2018-03-12 19:31


oils.png (64,919 bytes)
oils.png (64,919 bytes)


2018-03-12 19:34

reporter   ~0005608

Found link to system new scheme
fluids have temperature


2018-03-16 02:37

developer   ~0005609

BuildCraft is still in alpha and so hasn't really worked out the final fuel values for all the different oil variants. When it stabilises a bit more in beta this will definitely be something that will be looked into.


2018-03-16 19:19

reporter   ~0005610

Thanks for answering. But buildcraft with new oil system version of 7.99.0 started at 10-04-2017 (april of 2017 year). Alpha goes so 1 approximately year. So maybe you can add support this request and add to configure values of the oils?


2018-04-15 09:54

reporter   ~0005649

Currently liquids have 3 temperatures: Cold, Hot, Searing. In BC8, only the cold temperature can be used in engines. This forces players to use Heat Exchanger to cool down the liquid. Each cooling/warm has a energy cost in MJ. My suggestion is that we leave the details of balancing between these to BC8 team, and focus only on the cold version of the liquid, that has a direct conversion to MJ in BC8, via their engines. This allow us to look at the values of MJ for the different fluids to set the correct conversion to EU.

The current conversion ratio of a bucket of OIL to EU (the natural occurring oil in BC8 and below) can be our reference point: I will call it EU_PER_OIL, whose unit is [EU/B], B of bucket (this should be somewhere in the IC2 source code).

Taking the reference point of OIL (called crudeOil in BC8), the conversion to EU can be made: for a given fluid X, the EU/B is given by


We only need the values of MJ_PER_X, unit [MJ/B], of each fluid X in BC8. Attached (1) I present their current values and a script to get them. Using the equation above,
we get that the energy (EU/B) that the semifluid generator should generate from each fluid should be given by:

BCEnergyFluids.fuelGaseous = EU_PER_OIL*1/2
BCEnergyFluids.fuelLight = EU_PER_OIL*2
BCEnergyFluids.fuelDense = EU_PER_OIL*4
BCEnergyFluids.fuelMixedLight = EU_PER_OIL*8/10
BCEnergyFluids.fuelMixedHeavy = EU_PER_OIL*8/5
BCEnergyFluids.oilDense = EU_PER_OIL*4
BCEnergyFluids.oilDistilled = EU_PER_OIL
BCEnergyFluids.oilHeavy = EU_PER_OIL*8/3
BCEnergyFluids.crudeOil = EU_PER_OIL



I attached a small Python 3 script that reads the values from the source code of BuildCraft 8.x and prints their MJ/B, so that we can update them as needed.
The current values (cross-validated by an independent calculation [here]( are:

Total power (MJ/B) of each of the BuildCraft fluids:
BCEnergyFluids.fuelGaseous = 15.000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelLight = 60.000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelDense = 120.000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelMixedLight = 24.000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelMixedHeavy = 48.000
BCEnergyFluids.oilDense = 120.000
BCEnergyFluids.oilDistilled = 30.000
BCEnergyFluids.oilHeavy = 80.000
BCEnergyFluids.crudeOil = 30.000 (2,456 bytes)


2018-08-18 15:08

reporter   ~0005780

So this doesn't seem to be an important issue to you to fix, seems like the values are pretty stable, so can you point me in the right direction to where your values are @ and I will try to learn how to change it? I am not versed in Java or MC mods but I am a controls engineer so hopefully I can figure it out.


2018-08-19 17:54

developer   ~0005784

It's not that it isn't an important issue for us to fix, it is simply that Buildcraft hasn't been moving very quickly itself. MJ has been in the process of changing for months without any actual changes pushed to end users. It remains Buildcraft that is being waited on, and once it has worked out it's own values we can add ours comparatively quickly.

If you particularly wanted to add your own values in the mean time and deal with any issues that arises from it yourself, they can be added via ic2.api.recipe.Recipes.semiFluidGenerator (in the API)


2018-08-21 15:09

reporter   ~0005785

Let me rephrase that, the values seem pretty set for quite a while now. Seems like it should be added based off current values, either way I will have a crack at it, I need to figure out what the tags are for their fluids as I would like ti preserve the idea that fluids need to be cool to burn, I also am considering using the seering fluids for the heat exchanger, logically I would think I/P seering and O/P cool. I am not sure how the mechanics would work for heat values though. In BC 1mb seering heats 1mb of a fluid to the next state and vice versa, this frim a heat transfer standpoint is completely wrong but that's not the point here, the question is how much heat for the heat generator is generated by 1mb of seering fluid and should it go to hot or cool?


2019-02-05 17:10

reporter   ~0005904

For anyone coming across this and seeking an immediate solution see this thread / addon:


2019-08-11 07:54

reporter   ~0006117

I went through the values again, and my opinion is that BC still needs to balance their values. I fielded the request here:


2020-01-24 23:52

reporter   ~0006171

the buildcraft issue have some update:

AlexIIL commented on 4 Dec 2019:
I've implemented some similar values (although slightly lower) in (


2020-06-14 10:02

reporter   ~0006262

@estebes could you explain how this issue was resolved? Was there a patch that fixes this? If so please link the changelog.


2020-06-14 10:23

developer   ~0006263

Starting with build 215 the semifluid generator and the fluid heat generator accept the new bc fluiids


2020-12-22 09:33

reporter   ~0006289

For reference, the values from the BuildCraft after that update are:

Total power (MJ/B) of each of the BuildCraft fluids:
BCEnergyFluids.fuelGaseous = 15000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelLight = 90000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelDense = 360000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelMixedLight = 30000
BCEnergyFluids.fuelMixedHeavy = 96000
BCEnergyFluids.oilDense = 120000
BCEnergyFluids.oilDistilled = 37500
BCEnergyFluids.oilHeavy = 80000
BCEnergyFluids.crudeOil = 30000

The code was updated, and I have uploaded the script that parses them on this note (that reproduce the values above). (2,615 bytes)

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