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0002345Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2018-03-16 19:19
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Summary0002345: New oil refinery from buildcraft (BC8 / 7.99+)
In buildcraft was changed oil processing system (in BC8 version). Now oil refineries processing to gas and some liquid fuel. On screen some results of oil processing.

So, semifluid generator can take only "raw oil" (not processing), but in config contains lines:
semiFluidOil = 1.0
semiFluidFuel = 1.0
semiFluidBiomass = 1.0
semiFluidBioethanol = 1.0
semiFluidBiogas = 1.0

This lines actual to old version of buildcraft, in new - no one take new fluids.
Please add support for new fluids, thanks!
Tagsbuildcraft, Fluid, Oil
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-03-12 19:31


oils.png (64,919 bytes)
oils.png (64,919 bytes)


2018-03-12 19:34

reporter   ~0005608

Found link to system new scheme
fluids have temperature


2018-03-16 02:37

developer   ~0005609

BuildCraft is still in alpha and so hasn't really worked out the final fuel values for all the different oil variants. When it stabilises a bit more in beta this will definitely be something that will be looked into.


2018-03-16 19:19

reporter   ~0005610

Thanks for answering. But buildcraft with new oil system version of 7.99.0 started at 10-04-2017 (april of 2017 year). Alpha goes so 1 approximately year. So maybe you can add support this request and add to configure values of the oils?

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