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0002347Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2018-03-25 02:25
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Summary0002347: Game crashes when trying to launch
currently workin on a modpack and after updating a few mods (including basemetals/modernmetals) and industrialcraft2, my game keeps crashing on launch, giving me this log:
I have tried tried to go back to a few older versions that worked on my profile, but it's giving me the same issue. About Base/Modern Metals: those add Iridium and Thermal/Unidict are known for messing with other mods recipes as well. I am writing this here because the crashlog complains about IC2 and it seems to be something related to the 9 Iridium Shards -> 1 Iridium Ore recipe.
Steps To ReproduceIt crashes every time i try to launch.
Tags1.12.2, Crash, iridium, recipe error
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-03-17 18:59

developer   ~0005611

The crash is from trying to add in a macerator recipe to turn iridium ore into 9 iridium shards whilst another recipe already exists for it, which will only happen when another mod adds a recipe in before IC2 does (most likely in pre-init unless it's loading before IC2 in which case init).
I'd try removing basemetals/modernmetals then Unidict and seeing if either of those fix the crashing. If they do then you should go to the appropriate mod author to alert them that this is now a problem. Potentially is could be the combination of them both (ie running either one alone is fine but together is not), I'd expect from basemetals adding in iridium then Unidict adding the machine recipes. In which case you're best going to Unidict as they're most likely to be adding the recipe, which is more the cause of the crash than the one just adding in the material.
If it's still crashing even without them then come back here, I can give you a more loud IC2 version that will log every mod responsible for adding a recipe as they try to. Given previous history however it's probably one of the options above.


2018-03-17 23:45

reporter   ~0005612

Thank you, will test it tomorrow!


2018-03-25 02:25

developer   ~0005614

Fixed in Modern Metals

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