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0002388Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2018-12-07 10:28
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Summary0002388: Shift-Clicking in player inventory with Jet pack equipped activates jetpack
DescriptionWearing a jet pack and manipulating player inventory using Shift+Click, causes the jet pack to activate.

This behavior does not occur when in chest inventories or machines etc, only when viewing player inventory.
Steps To ReproduceEquip a jet pack, open player inventory and try shift-clicking with or without items selected.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-06-18 15:36

reporter   ~0005714

Sorry that should be "space-clicking" per default controls, as in moving stacks in player inventory.


2018-06-18 15:42

reporter   ~0005715

I've never used default controls, so always made use of Jump for stacking...Left-Shift is well out of reach.


2018-06-18 16:37

developer   ~0005716

It will be using space irrelevant of what is with it, the Jetpack reacts to that without checking if a GUI is open.


2018-12-07 10:28

reporter   ~0005842

Worth noting that this also happens when typing spaces in the JEI search but not when typing spaces in chat. Perhaps you could add a check for open GUIs or inventories?

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