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0002420Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2018-09-09 15:31
ReporterFallenEagle16 Assigned ToChocohead  
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Platform1.12.2OSWindowsOS Version10
Fixed in VersionBuilds for MC 1.12.x 
Summary0002420: Number of machines not working properly on servers
DescriptionMinecraft 1.12.2
IC2: 2.8.98-ex122

This bug was found in ATM3 - Remix version 0.0.3, but has been reproduced in a separate instance that contained only JEI and IC2.

In a single player world, the machines in question work as intended, there are no issues that I know of. In a server instance though with all default configs, the machines stop responding correctly. The machine tested more thoroughly was the electric furnace, but the bug seems to affect other machines as well that deal with working with items. Generators and EU storage devices seem to be unaffected to my knowledge.

Mainly going to describe the furnace, but similar responses can be seen with other machines. The furnace will not show any changes of it filling with eu, but a batbox or other eu storage will show that 600 eu will be put into it. Also, it will not function, it wont process any items. Putting upgrades into it does not seem to make a difference. The eu capacity doesnt show any change, even from the batbox that supplies eu. Energy tier upgrades dont allow the furnace to accept higher levels of eu.

Basically the machine is not functioning correctly on servers but will in singleplayer.
Steps To ReproduceStart a server with industrialcraft on it, and a client with the same mods and try using IC2 in any way. Start a singleplayer world and the machines will work at that point.

Additional InformationOther machines that seem affected with initial testing:
Solid Canning machine
Thermal Centrifuge
Block cutting machine
Induction furnace

Machines that initially seem unaffected:
Fluid/Solid Canning machine
Metal Former
Advanced Miner
Crop harvester

Tested a couple others, but this hopefully at least gives a starting point.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-09-09 15:31

developer   ~0005797

Should be fixed in IC2 2.8.99, feel free to re-open if it isn't

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