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Summary0002421: Universal Fluid Cell Issues
DescriptionIn the current build - industrialcraft-2-2.8.99-ex112

While sneaking (holding shift), Universal Fluid Cells are not able to pull fluids from tanks (or any fluid container). This causes problems with fluid cells interacting with Openblocks tanks, which require the player to sneak to pull liquids. But for Galacticraft tanks, since sneaking is not a requirement, everything works okay.

Fluid cells cannot pick up a fluid source in the world that does not have a block close behind it. This just seems silly because it does not match the way buckets work, even though clearly fluid cells are attempting to behave like buckets.

Fluid cells are not able to "overlap" source blocks. Picking up some water with a fluid cell works fine, but placing water into an existing source block (to get rid of it, like with a vanilla bucket), will instead place a fluid source on top of the one you are aiming at.

Steps To Reproduce1)
-Install Ic2, Openblocks, and Galacticraft for 1.12.2
-Fill an Openblocks Tank with any liquid. (Can be in creative)
-Get an empty bucket and an empty Fluid Cell
-Shift-right click the tank with the empty bucket. Notice that it fills the bucket.
-Do the same with the fluid cell. Notice that it does not fill the fluid cell.
-Try the experiment again with the Galacticraft Fluid Tank, both while sneaking and while not sneaking. Notice how the fluid cell can extract only when NOT sneaking

-Install Ic2
-Get an empty fluid cell
-Go to a large lake/ocean, aiming at a deep location (not the shore)
-Try to pick up some water with the fluid cell. Notice that it cannot pick up fluids unless there is a block behind the source you are aiming at, within a reachable distance.

-Install Ic2
-Get an empty fluid cell
-Find a water source and fill the fluid cell
-Now try emptying the fluid cell back into the water (place into a water source block)
-Notice how the water you place does not merge with the source block, instead it sits on top.
Additional InformationI know that some of these problems may seem insignificant, but if the Universal Fluid cell is going to act like the all-in-one solution to buckets, they have to behave... like buckets?

Recommended fixes:
1) Figure out why fluid cells cannot extract from inventories while holding shift/sneaking, and disable it. I know it's probably more complicated than it sounds.
2/3) Is there some kind of bucket behavior class you can call from to make the fluid cell pull and place like a normal bucket when it is full/empty? Because just using that would make things a lot simpler than trying to code it from scratch.

Thanks for your efforts and I hope these can be resolved soon! Let me know if I should add some pictures or a video upload.
TagsCell, OpenBlocks: Tank
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-09-20 01:26

developer   ~0005798

The first will be the block not getting a chance to interact with the container whilst sneaking, as by default items prevent them from doing so.
The second and third are both linked from using a slightly different right-click event for just when a block is hovered over compared to a normal bucket's any right-click.

Neither should take too long to fix.

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