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Summary0002426: 1.12.2 - OD/OV Scanner Issues
Description1) OD/OV Scanners scan in a cube, not a square that goes down.

When testing, the scanners scan in a 13x13x13 and a 25x25x25 cube centered on the player. The Wiki says the scanners are only supposed to scan in a 5x5 and 9x9 square centered on the player, from the player's Y position down to bedrock.

2) OD/OV Scanners behave differently inside Miners

When putting the scanners in the Miner/Advanced Miner, the OD scanner will give the miner a 7x7 square to work in, and the OV Scanner will give it a 13x13 square to work in. However, on the wiki it says it should be 5x5 and 9x9.

3) OD/OV Scanners don't have scroll wheels or pages
If there are more than 10 types of ore in the area, the Scanner won't display them all because it can only display 10 items at a time. Some kind of page system could be added to remedy this.

4) OD/OV Scanners can see inside Miners
When using an OD or OV Scanner in your hand near a Miner, it will look inside the Miner's inventory and display some of its contents. I don't know how this works, but I can't see what ores are still in the area because the Scanner get's "cluttered".

5) OD/OV Scanners act as Ore listers
They do not calculate Ore Density and Ore Value for the area as stated on the Wiki.
Steps To Reproduce1)
-In a superflat world, place a singe line of ore.
-Stand at the end of the line and use an OD scanner. See how it finds 6 or the ores instead of 2.
-Do the same with the OV scanner, and see that it finds 12 ores instead of 4. These ranges are accurate to the tool-tips, but do not match the behavior when inside a Miner.
-Now go a couple of blocks below the ores, and use both Scanners. Notice how they will find blocks above you.
-In a superflat world, place a big square of ores.
-Put a creative generator and a miner in the center, and give it a drill, mining pipes, and an OD scanner. When it mines the ores, notice how it does not mine past 3 blocks from the center.
-Now do the same with an OV scanner inside the Miner. Notice how it mines up to 6 blocks from the center.
-This behavior is different from the OD/OV scanner behavior when used by the player.
-In a superflat world, Place more than 10 types of ores in a small area.
-Use the OD/OV scanner, and notice how only 10 types of Ore will be displayed.
-Perform test #2, then use the OD/OV scanner near the Miner. Notice how the scanner will pick up the contents of the miner (as long as it is a mined resource).
-When using the OD/OV scanner, notice how it does not return the Ore Value or Ore Density for the area, and instead just tells you the ores nearby. (You probably already noticed this if you have read the wiki page)
Additional Information1/2)
My guess is that, when used in the player's hand, the new OD/OV Scanners are treating their range as a Radius and not as a Diameter, and are scanning in a Cube instead of Downward. The problem is that the Miner does the opposite, so when placing the Scanner in the Miner, it doesn't see the same Ores. This makes using the scanner and Miner strategically much more difficult and much less intuitive. I would recommend changing the Scanner behavior back to the way it is stated in the IC2 Wiki. If you intend on extending the range, do so in a way that is not a cube, so that the Scanners work the same way as the Miner.

I'm not sure why the Scanner is looking inside the Miner, but it tends to clutter the Scanner. Please fix this if you plan on fixing the other issues too.

I recommend either adding a scroll wheel to the OD/OV Scanner GUI, or adding multiple pages, with buttons to switch between them.

I don't mind this that much, as I prefer just knowing what's in the area.
TagsMiner, OD Scanner, OV Scanner
Minecraft Version1.12.2



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Demonstration of Ranges of Miner using both Scanners


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OD/OV Scanner Range Demonstration
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