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0002427Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2018-10-09 12:48
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Summary0002427: Nano Saber does not require mode switch key to activate - bad
DescriptionThe Nano saber will turn on/off by right-clicking, without the requirement of holding the mode-switch key. This is bad because if you're holding a shield, every time you block, the Nano saber will turn on/off. This makes using the Nano Saber and the Shield together nearly impossible.

Please change the Nano Saber toggle require the mode switch key and right-click, like the Chainsaw, Iridium Drill, and Mining Laser do.
Steps To ReproduceHold Nano Saber in hand, with charge.
Hold shield in other hand
Try blocking with the shield. Notice every time you block, the Nano Saber will toggle on/off.
Tags1.12.2, Nano Saber, Shield
Minecraft Version1.12.2


duplicate of 0002150 closedChocohead Cannot use Nanosabers with Shields/other off-hand items 



2018-10-09 12:48

developer   ~0005806

As with 0002070, this is balancing for the nano sabre (see 0002070:0004980)

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