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0002434Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2018-11-09 00:57
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Summary0002434: When switching the options in resource generating machines it crashes dedicated server
DescriptionI've had an issue with both the glacial precipitator and the Igneous extruder so far that has lead to immediate crashing of the dedicated server. This has been consistent on the server thus far when I attempt to cycle through what either machine is going to produce. As soon as I click the arrow the server crashes, and when I restart it back up and check the machine, the option has changed to the next option.
Crash report:
If you need easy access to the mods used on the server, I have the modpack on Curse, just search for Project Orion Modpack. The version of the pack the server is running at the time of the crashes is 2.4
Steps To ReproduceSelect either machine
click the arrow to change the output
Tags1.12.2, Crash, industrialcraft-2-2.8.73-ex112
Minecraft Version1.12.2


has duplicate 0002435 closedChocohead Machines with changeable options causes server crash 



2018-11-01 19:03

developer   ~0005812

Those are both Thermal Expansion machines, and nothing in the crash points to IC2. I'd suggest reporting it to CoFH.

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