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0002442Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2018-11-16 03:03
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Summary0002442: EU display problems - Tooltips, EU reader
DescriptionTooltip tweaks:

-The tooltips for cables and transformers are displayed in EU/t, but this is not true. They should be displaying EUp (EU packet size) instead.

-Tooltips for cables and transformers should include an additional row for Power Tier, to make it apparent what power tier corresponds to what EU packet size.

EU reader tweaks:

-The EU reader's Voltage Mode should be showing EU packet size to be consistent with the rest of the EU system, as well as to be more accurate (Should also change the name to EU Packet).

-The EU reader takes averages too fast, often resulting in the numbers flickering so fast they are hard to read. Slowing down the display rate to once or twice a second would be better.

Steps To ReproduceNot a bug, doesn't need reproduction. Just check the tooltips and EU reader interface.
Additional InformationComment:

It seems the player is purposely being punished for trying to use the EU system, which is bad because if the player doesn't understand it they could end up with a lot of fried wires and blown-up boxes, and end up disliking the mod. Therefore, changing these tooltips and tweaking the EU reader will be greatly beneficial to the players.

(Saying "just check the wiki instead, then." would not be a valid response when the information in-game is blatantly wrong.)

Tags1.12.2, EU packet, EU/t, EUp, Tooltips, Voltage
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-11-15 20:58


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2018-11-16 03:03

reporter   ~0005817

Also, certain generators (primarily Kinetic Generator) are not displaying their power tier in their tooltip.

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