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Summary0002460: Infinite coal dust and tiny gold piles production loop
DescriptionThe blast furnace turns the iron ingot into steel ingot and outputs slag, the macerator turns the steel into iron dust, the furnace turns iron dust into iron ingot and start over the loop and you get infinite slag which can be processed in the thermal centrifuge to get coal dust and tiny gold piles.

It seems wrong to me, or it is by design?
Steps To ReproduceAttached a screenshot of the circuit.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


duplicate of 0002139 closedChocohead Slag (Coal Dust + Gold) Production Exploit 



2018-12-29 23:16


loop.png (271,788 bytes)


2019-01-03 17:27

developer   ~0005860

This has been discussed before (see 0002139:0005116), you're putting substantial amounts of power (all six machines need power) and time (for the blast furnace) to produce a niche output of coal dust and gold which isn't too useful in IC2 and vanilla either.

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