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0002467Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2019-02-02 02:48
ReporterDraqvaus Assigned ToChocohead  
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PlatformMinecraft Java 1.12.2 ForgeOSWindows 10 HomeOS Version10.0.17134
Summary0002467: (OreDict:oreLead = ic2:crushed#lead*2) Resulted in crash
DescriptionDescription: There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail

net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from IndustrialCraft 2 (ic2)
Caused by: ic2.core.util.Config$ParseException: generic parse error at line 129 (OreDict:oreLead = ic2:crushed#lead*2).
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-01-18 00:02

developer   ~0005877

Can you attach the debug.log file (or the whole stack trace)? Can't be sure what's causing this with just the top line.


2019-01-22 20:27

reporter   ~0005881

I managed to reproduce the issue by adding:

tconstruct:ore = enderio:item_material@31*2

to the macerator.ini file. It does not crash if I change it to:

tconstruct:ore = enderio:item_material@31

I have also tried with

OreDict:oreCobalt = enderio:item_material@31*2

which resulted in the same crash.

Macerator.ini file:


2019-01-23 02:08

developer   ~0005882

Is that the whole debug.log? The ends looks suspiciously cut off midway through construction, despite also being huge since there's so much log spam with debug turned on. The latest.log might well work instead if you'd rather not upload another 70k lines ;)

I'd also suggest trying changing tconstruct:ore to tconstruct:ore@0 just to see if that makes it any happier. It might be getting upset that tconstruct:ore@1 specifies part of the same range, but that's just an idea.


2019-01-23 06:43

reporter   ~0005883

The debug.log is truncated, you need to click "This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file." to view the entire file. The link below is the non-truncated file:

Changing tconstruct:ore to tconstruct:ore@0 did not fix the issue unfortunately - Here's the crashlog from that:


2019-01-23 13:14

developer   ~0005884

Ah, wasn't getting the popup so it just ended abruptly, the direct link works fine though so thanks for that.

The debug log did indeed tell us what we needed, [ic2.Recipe]: Skipping RInputItemStack<1xtile.tconstruct.ore@1> => [2xitem.item_material@30] due to duplicate recipe for 1xtile.tconstruct.ore@1 (RInputOreDict<1xoreArdite> => [2xitem.jaopca.crushed@0])
Essentially JAOPCA is adding its ore dictionary recipes earlier than your recipe, meaning that it would get shadowed in game and be impossible to use as the ore dictionary recipe would always be found first. IC2 crashes to warn you, but in this case it's not as simple as moving your recipes about in the ini file. Either you'll have to remove JAOPCA (or just the IC2 support if it has a config option for that), your recipe, or get JAOPCA to add their ore dictionary recipes in post-init so item specific ones are clear to override them.

The block cutting machine has the same situation for adding custom planks for logs (as they'd otherwise all be covered under logWood -> oak planks), hence it has a _late version which loads after the normal config, so this isn't a unique/unexpected problem.


2019-01-23 17:46

reporter   ~0005885

Alright, thank you for the help :)

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