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Summary0002530: Crop growth no longer significantly affected by environment or Crop-Matron
DescriptionI noticed this when looking through decompiled source, but I was able to confirm it empirically by comparing to 1.7.10.

According to crops are supposed to grow faster at high elevation, in swampland, and with hydration and fertilizer (which can be provided by a Crop-Matron), and slower if they have solid blocks or other crops adjacent. However, that doesn't seem to be the case in 1.12.2:

All using stickreed seeds pulled from NEI/JEI

1.7.10, bad conditions (hell biome, low elevation, surrounded by opaque blocks, sandstone and stone below farmland block)
10 min 22 sec

1.7.10, good conditions (swampland biome, high elevation, surrounded by air, plenty of dirt below farmland block, crop-matron running)
3 min 17 sec

1.12.2, bad conditions
6 min 52 sec

1.12.2, good conditions
6 min 4 sec
Steps To Reproduce1. Set up bad conditions for a given crop seed (while still making sure it can technically grow), possibly using superflat worldgen.
2. Plant the crop seed.
3. Time how long it takes to fully grow. (the mod "Batty's Coordinates Plus for Forge" has a stopwatch function that can help with this, or just use an actual stopwatch)
4. Set up good conditions for an identical crop seed.
5. Plant the crop seed.
6. Time how long it takes to fully grow, and compare with the time from step 3.
Additional InformationI'm willing to consider the possibility that the effects of biome, elevation, dirt below, and adjacent opaque blocks were removed deliberately, but I could not find any mention of that in the changelog. I find it much harder to believe that the growth benefits of the Crop-Matron could have been removed intentionally, because if that were the case, it would make no sense for it to still accept and consume water and fertilizer.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


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