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0002539Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2019-05-14 16:55
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Summary0002539: Integration with Applied Energistics 2 mod does not work.
DescriptionI do not know who made this mistake on the part of IC2 either it or AP2, but I will try to inform both parties.

The crusher does not accept crystals from AP2, cannot interact with it. I tried to manually register through config / ic2 / macerator.ini, but I could not get valid item identifiers from AP2.

I tried to make a temporary solution to the problem.

Please note that I understand the likelihood that in the absence of integration with the AP your fault is not and it is probably not your business.
I am more interested in information about how I can get the ID of the awards in order to create my craft based on the macerator.
P.P.S I apologize in advance for possibly your wasted time.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-05-14 16:32

developer   ~0006017

This is mostly a problem with AE2 providing compatibility with other mods and as so it is really not our fault. I will look into it.


2019-05-14 16:55

developer   ~0006018

As a temporary solution you can add this recipes to your macerator config:
; certus quartz dust
OreDict:crystalCertusQuartz = appliedenergistics2:material@2
; nether quartz dust
OreDict:gemQuartz = appliedenergistics2:material@3

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