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0002544Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2019-06-16 00:30
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PlatformTablecloth 1.12.2.OS*OS Version*
Summary0002544: Bukkit Events Compatibility
DescriptionCompatible with Tablecloth 1.12.2 server (Forge+Spigot)

See additional information
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Additional InformationTablecloth can be found here -
To check Bukkit Events need to initialize the presence of an EventHelper which is in the tablecloth as default.
You can do it way:
public static boolean isTableclothServer = false;

static {
    try {
        isTableclothServer = true;
    } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {

To compile the mod you need an EventHelper, you can find it here -

If a high voltage is applied to the mechanism, it explodes and ignore all bukkit events, to listen BlockBreakEvent (bukkit) need add:

if(isTableclothServer && EventUtils.cantBreak(EntityPlayerMP, Block))

In the same way, you can teach to listen to several other events, for example EventUtils.cantAttack

The explosion of mechanisms from stress is not the only thing that causes damage
TagsBukkit, Forge 2836, MC 1.12.2, PaperSpigot, Spigot
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-06-16 00:30

developer   ~0006029

Events are already posted when ever IC2 uses an explosion, they are all present in the API. Bukkit/Bukkit derivative support is best done via an addon listening for those events and handling them appropriately as needed.

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