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0002551Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2019-11-10 02:23
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Summary0002551: IC2 Macerator will not output to Applied Energistics 2 Interface Part

The issue is minor, however, it would be nice to have it fixed soon as my planned setup depends on this functionality.

I'm not sure if this issue is A2 or IC2. Have reported on AE2 discord but not heard back from any devs yet.

AE2 build (latest): rv6.stable build
IC2 build (latest): industrialcraft-2-2.8.158-ex112

I have a macerator with an ejector upgrade configured to output to the top side. I have a ME Interface block on top which has the recipe for 1 iron ore -> 2 crushed iron. This works fine (the ore is sent in, and extracted through the ME Interface block). When switching the ME Interface block, to a ME Interface part, this mechanic no longer functions (as in the 2 crushed iron is not collected through the ME Interface part).

Thanks for your time!
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a basic ME network
2) Place a Macerator nearby, with connected power
3) Configure an 'Ejector Upgrade' to output to the top side
4) Place 'Ejector Upgrade' inside the Macerator
5) Place a ME Interface (in PART form, not block form) on the top of the Macerator
6) Optional: Create a pattern that turns 1 iron ore -> 2 crushed iron and place in the pattern section of the ME Interface
7) Stick a load of Iron Ore in the ME System and click 'craft' on the crushed iron

The ME Interface part will supply the Macerator with the iron ore, however, will not extract the crushed Iron from the Macerator.

This system DOES work IF using an ME Interface in BLOCK form instead of PART form.
Additional InformationThis issue seems to extend to any IC2 machine (at least those I tested)
Tags1.12.2-2-2.8.111-ex112, 1.12.2-2-2.8.158-ex112, 1.12.2-2.8.187-ex112, AE2, machine
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-11-10 02:19

reporter   ~0006165

The problem was `getAdjacentInventory (source, dir)` -> `isInventoryTile(target, dir)`,
The second parameter of `isInventoryTile` requires the input of the machine-to-tile facing, not the title-to-machine facing.


2019-11-10 02:23

reporter   ~0006166

That means the facing is reversed.
using `dir.getOpposite()` maybe we can fix this issue.

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