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0002555Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2019-06-18 11:03
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PlatformMinecraft LauncherOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 10
Summary0002555: Game freezes when any kind of cable is attempted to be connected to other cables or machines ( odd behaviour, similar to crash )
DescriptionThe scenario is : Placed filled generator, next to it an extractor and next to the extractor a macerator. Any attempt to connect all three machines using any kind of IC2 Experimental cable causes the connection textures to become rather funky and result in no connection whatsoever, whilst breaking blocks does not provide drops and any kind of interface can not be accessed ( furnace, crafting table, chest etc etc...)

To explain in a different way, it causes the game to freeze as if the player has high ping even though it is singleplayer. Any kind of item which is dropped can not be picked up, any block that is broken does not provide an item drop nor are interfaces accessible. Regarding the cables themselves, the connection textures become funky, they are still the same but they sometimes connect sometimes not. When it is attempted to close the game, the game freezes and minecraft counts it as a crash.

Steps To ReproduceGenerator, any type of machine, connecting the generator with the machines using any kind of IC2 Experimental cable
Additional InformationVersion of IC2 Experimental : 2.8.159-ex112
Version of Forge : forge1.12.2-
102 other mods are included as well as loaded, including addons for IC2 Experimental but this bug/glitch happens when using core elements of the mod itself
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


duplicate of 0002554 resolvedChocohead Game freezes when any kind of cable is attempted to be connected to other cables or machines ( odd behaviour, similar to crash ) 



2019-06-16 23:13


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2019-06-18 08:03

reporter   ~0006036

Forgot to add, some parts of the world do not load aka chunks, items can not be thrown, damage can not be taken. As afore mentioned, the game behaves like the player himself is met with an incredibly high ping, and whenever an exit is attempted the game freezes and crashes

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