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0002557Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2019-06-27 19:07
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OSWin 10 
Summary0002557: I can't craft a IC 2 Coil
DescriptionWhen I put the recipe in the crafting table (with JEI or the normal minecraft way) it shows no crafting result.... it's not a missing texture I just don't get anyhting out of the crafting bench...
since the coil is an integral item to many machines this is game/mod breaking -.-
Steps To ReproduceI admit I do have a lot of mods but non of them should interfere in that way with IC2

my mods are in the file:

Just try to craft it... it won't work

I tried it with the latest "release" version of IC2 and the latest Beta (as shown in the picture)
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-06-26 00:56


Unbenannt.png (80,973 bytes)   
Unbenannt.png (80,973 bytes)   


2019-06-26 01:00


Unbenannt blub.png (450,275 bytes)


2019-06-26 01:12

reporter   ~0006047

I can craft the coil if I use "freshly" made copper wire instead of copied copper wire from the Projecte Transmutation tablet....
still this is a very dumb bug :/ but it`s not really important anymore


2019-06-27 19:07

developer   ~0006048

The transmutation tablet probably lacks any NBT data so whilst it would look like a copper cable it isn't really one

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