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0002561Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2019-08-04 23:15
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Summary0002561: Reactor ticks inconsistently when the chunk it is in is unloaded and reloaded
DescriptionAfter leaving and re-entering the area where my pulsed MOX fluid reactor was multiple times, most of the time the core temperature of the reactor rose significantly, and in other times it cooled down. This didn't happen at all when I was near the reactor, and it was shown in the reactor planner that the reactor temperature should always be in a certain range. I haven't done further testing yet, but I can say that this will cause the reactor to eventually explode or decrease efficiency severely without frequent shut-down and re-starting.
Steps To Reproduce1.Set the render distance to 10 chunks, set reactorExplosionPowerLimit to 0
2.Turn on the reactor with the lever at 10 31 23, wait until the warm up lamp turns off
3.Write down the highest core temperature and the lowest core temperature. Observe that the core temperature always stay in this range.
4.Ride the minecart at 10 27 23 to leave this area
5.After a while, come back to the reactor
6.Observe the temperature change
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


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