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0002510Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2019-08-04 23:16
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PlatformPC, JavaOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002510: Reactor ticks immediately after leaving&re-entering a SSP world
I used this design to detect the time a reactor ticks, and after re-entering my world I found that there are 2 pulses in the clock, meaning that the reactor has somehow ticked twice within 1 sec. One noteblock sound matches the time the reactor ticks, so that there should be no problem with the ticking detection. This reduces the overall reactor EU output.
Steps To Reproduce1.go into my save file
2.turn OFF the reactor, wait for it to cool down and the tanks to clear
3.meanwhile stop the clock by breaking any redstone dust and then replace it when there is no pulses again
4.turn on the reactor, notice that after 1 sec the noteblock sound matches when the reactor ticks, and there is only 1 pulse in the clock no matter how long the reactor is turned on
5.log out of the world when you hear the noteblock sound and the repeater next to the comparator and the comparator isn't on so that the next pulse won't interfere with the current one
7.notice that there are 2 pulses in the clock
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


related to 0002561 new Reactor ticks inconsistently when the chunk it is in is unloaded and reloaded 



2019-03-14 10:49


IC2 test (1,026,446 bytes)


2019-08-04 23:16

developer   ~0006092

Might well be Minecraft's own tick scaling when there are slow downs (which loading a world in certainly has). Could do with a test tile entity perhaps which logs the ticks it receives to tell.

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