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0002566Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2019-07-21 16:42
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Summary0002566: [1.12.2] java.lang.IllegalStateException because of "Ticking block entity" (IC2 Tank)
DescriptionHi there,

my problem occurs by playing MC 1.12.2 with "FTB Revelation" (v3.0.1)

I run a IC2 biogas power plant and using IE's fluid pipes to move the biogas around. So far all is running fine and i decided to recreate the feeding of biogas to the generators, because i like to connect all machines to my me-system (AE2).

Actually i have four identical groups of generators running (8 generators in each group, connected via 2 transformers and 1 CESU to main transformer)), feeding the energy into one main powerline. The biogas is fed from a large buffer tank (10k B iron tank from Railcraft) via a fluid pump and fluid pipes (both IE) into the generators.

My approach for the new connection: i cutoff the fluid pipes from the buffer tank, place 1 tank (IC2) as a small buffer directly to every of the 4 groups of generators and feed this new tank via "Fluid Export Bus" from my me-system.

For the first group this worked fine and is running flawless for hours (and hours and hours ... and so on).

As soon as i try to do the same changes to the next group, the buffer is starting to fill up with biogas, and after few minutes the game is crashing to desktop with:

"Description: Ticking block entity

java.lang.IllegalStateException: The fluid handler blusunrize.immersiveengineering.common.blocks.metal.TileEntityFluidPipe@24d8d5f filled inconsistently. Expected 50, got 49."

See full crash log here:

I spent hours trying to find the problem, see if there is something different in that group from the first one... but i didn't find anything. As far as i can say, all generator groups are absolutely identical, and my steps for doing the changes were also exactly the same. I reproduced this several times.

There are no other blocks in range, where could be an unwanted connection by accident, so i have no idea, what may cause this crash.

The planned biogas flow is as follows:

Fermenter with Fluid Ejector (IC2) --> Fluid Pipe (IE) --> Tank (IC2, as a buffer) --> Fluid Import Bus (AE2) --> ME Storage System (AE2) --(line to the generators by using AE2 network)--> Fluid Export Bus (AE2) --> Tank with Fluid Ejector (IC2, as a buffer) --> Fluid Pipe (IE) --> Semifluid Generator (IC2)

As mentioned above, this is working fine for the first group only.

The interim setup (all other groups are still using this) is like:

Fermenter with Fluid Ejector (IC2) --> Fluid Pipe (IE) --> Tank (IC2, as a buffer) --> Fluid Import Bus (AE2) --> ME Storage System (AE2) --> Fluid Export Bus (AE2) --> Iron Tank (Multiblock from Railcraft, will be obsolete) --> Fluid Pump (IE) --> Fluid Pipe (IE) --> Semifluid Generator (IC2)

The last fluid pipe in this setup is the one i want to cutoff to replace it by the buffer tank for feeding directly from the me-storage.

Design of each of my 4 generator groups:

4 generators surrounding 1 lv-transformer, 2 of those lv-transformers are attached to 1 CESU.

Those CESU are connected to the next transforming stage.

Full crash log:

Versions & Modlist
MC 1.12.2 with "FTB Revelation" (v3.0.1)

Full modlist and their version numbers should be in the crash log. Please let me know, if there is anything missing.

Thanks in advance and kind regards
Steps To Reproduce- remove a fluid pipe from the biogas feeding pipeline for second generator group
- placing the tank from IC2 at the remaining pipes (i've tried several different positions for placing the tank)
- placing the fluid export bus from AE2 at the tank and configure for exporting biogas from me-storage and connect it to the AE2 network

- just wait, crash will occur very soon

- restore save game from backup
- try the same procedure again... will always lead into same crash
Additional InformationIt's the first and only tank (till now) that makes such trouble. I have several of those IC2 tanks in use already, and they work fine. They are all connected to those IE fluid pipes.

My backup is made right before i would cutoff the pipeline to place the tank. If i just load the backup and wait, it'll run forever without crash. So i assume, the trouble starts with placing the tank... or when it starts to fill up with biogas. It starts to fill up, and it also pumps biogas to generators due to the fluid ejector upgrade... and then i have the CTD.

I removed the ticking block with McEdit, but it's crashing again as soon as i try to place a new tank.
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-07-21 16:42

developer   ~0006055

That's a bug in IE, the fluid pipe claimed it could be filled up by 50mb but only accepted 49mb

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