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0002569Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2019-08-08 11:41
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Summary0002569: Miner doesn't drop anything when mining ice
Steps To ReproduceMy setup is in the screenshot. The command block is responsible for placing the ice block in front of the piston.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-07-28 04:43


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2019-08-04 22:57

developer   ~0006086

What would you expect ice to drop? Or is it more a case it doesn't turn into water?


2019-08-05 01:38

reporter   ~0006097

Of course to drop ice itself, arguably only when mined with the silk touch mode of the Iridium drill. This can be used to make completely auto ice farms that don' run on compressors and pumps.


2019-08-06 12:34

developer   ~0006103

This does pose somewhat of a tech tree issue, as right now if you use the iridium drill in a Miner you get Fortune III (no matter the mode the drill is in). The Advanced Miner can optionally do silk touch with the button in the GUI, but also can't do fortune. Whilst it seems like quite the extravagance to use an Advanced Miner as an ice farm, it also makes the normal miner noticeably more powerful if it can do both fortune and silk touch whilst the Advanced Miner can't.


2019-08-08 11:41

reporter   ~0006111

To my knowledge, there is no way to restart the adv. miner automatically once it finishes it business, therefore impossible to automate the process without player interaction. For the tech tree issue I think there are two ways to solve it: 1) Only add the silk touch mode, also requiring the OV scanner to unlock; 2) Add silk touch mode to miner when using silk touch iridium drill.

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