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0002592Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2019-08-15 00:30
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Summary0002592: Door behaviour is getting weird after right-clicking it with EU-Reader
DescriptionWhen right clicking the door with EU-Reader, it properly displays the error message, but door still opens. However, when trying to pass through it, it will push the player back continuously (client and server disagree about the door's state?), until the player backs off or right clicks the doors again while not holding EU-reader. In the first case it still will block the player, until being right clicked again.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-08-15 00:28

reporter   ~0006130

I think that is a client-server desynchronization, similar to the ghost block. I'm only able to reproduce this once in my singleplayer world, after re-entering the world while the door is open on the client side and closed on the server side, the door becomes closed, and further right-clicking on the door with the EU-reader just causes the door to open for a brief moment, and then pop back to closed state, similar to using a wrench on a repeater.


2019-08-15 00:30

reporter   ~0006131

Just managed to reproduce this steadily - right clicking on the block that the door is on causes the door to update.

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