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0002593Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2020-06-03 17:33
ReporterKrisBigK Assigned Toestebes  
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Summary0002593: Crops disappear
DescriptionWhen I was cross-breeding sugarcane (reeds) in my survival world, I found that when I plant reed seeds onto certain crop sticks, sometimes they disappear together after a random amount amount of time ranging from a few sec to about 30 sec. This happens only with some seeds though, and this have caused me to lose a lot of good seeds. I have absolutely no idea how or why this can happen. I have tried to record it a few times, but it didn't happen when I was recording. I made a few backups and after about 5 tries the crops didn't disappear. I can provide my world save file if needed.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-08-15 08:23

reporter   ~0006132

In the screenshots the cursor is pointing to the crop sticks where this problem occured.
2019-08-15_16.18.47.png (190,712 bytes)   
2019-08-15_16.18.47.png (190,712 bytes)   
2019-08-15_16.18.48.png (203,625 bytes)   
2019-08-15_16.18.48.png (203,625 bytes)   


2019-08-15 14:46

reporter   ~0006133

Just caught this on-camera



2019-08-17 05:20

reporter   ~0006136

It seems that this problem only occurs on seed bags, and the crops that didn't disappear have a growth point higher than 0. Therefore I'm guessing that crops that don't grow disappears. Also, after harvesting logs from 5 birch crops (seen in the screenshots), they disappeared.


2019-08-18 18:39

reporter   ~0006137

I can confirm this issue, it happened to nearly all my breeded crops. They disappear within seconds. I managed to film this:


2019-08-19 13:40

reporter   ~0006138

I did more testing with 8 seed bags in older versions. In 2.8.178 and older versions all of the crops didn't disappear, and since 2.8.179 crops begin to disappear. Seems fine to play with 2.8.178 until this is properly fixed.


2020-06-03 04:43

reporter   ~0006244

I have also seen this happen to what feels like at least 90% of the stickreed crops I harvested and re-planted (leaving them where they originally cross-bred seems safe, and crops planted via non-seedbag items seem to be safe), but I discovered an apparent workaround (using 2.8.208): if I make sure to have two seedbags ready, I can plant one, wait for it to disappear, then plant the second on the same crop sticks, and the second one seems to persist (so far).


2020-06-03 12:53

developer   ~0006245

This should be fixed in recent version starting with build 200 or something. If crops still disappear because their provided quality is than it needs to be.


2020-06-03 15:27

reporter   ~0006246

I've seen this happen in build 208 in a survival world at layer 129 in BOP Wetlands biome with 3 dirt blocks beneath every farmland block, and in a creative superflat world at layer 141 in Swampland biome with over 100 dirt blocks below each farmland block, so I seriously doubt it's a matter of "insufficient provided quality". I will do some more testing to see if I can determine the probability more precisely, and if it changes for different crops.


2020-06-03 16:21

developer   ~0006247

nevermind found the problem. Will be fixed in build 209


2020-06-03 16:43

reporter   ~0006248

Sorry, doesn't look fixed to me. I still get disappearing crops in my test world with build 209. However, I found a cheaper workaround which might help you track down the real problem: if I wait a bit (e.g. a count of 50) between placing the crop sticks and planting the seeds on them, that seems more reliable (without that, I was only getting about 6 or 7 out of 40 to persist, possibly because a "crop tick" happened between placing the crop sticks and planting the seeds - I had been waiting to see if each one persisted before planting the next, otherwise my ratio might have been even lower).


2020-06-03 16:57

developer   ~0006249

As of build 209 it calculates the parameters while placing the crop so there is no tick in between.


2020-06-03 17:06

developer   ~0006250

Build 210 should actually actually fix it. Build 209 only fixed it for base seeds and not seed bags since apparently they call different code.


2020-06-03 17:33

reporter   ~0006251

afaik, this was never a problem for base seeds, but with build 210, I was able to quickly plant 80 spidernip from jei-pulled seed bags, so I'm willing to confirm it as fixed. (btw, if that hadn't worked, but placing 80 crop sticks and then going back to the beginning and planting the seeds had, I was going to challenge your claim about "no tick in between")

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