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0002618Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2019-09-21 13:55
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Summary0002618: Preheated heat exchangers can be inserted in fluid reactor, but tooltip says they can't.
DescriptionI am able to insert heat exchangers with some heat on them into fluid reactors, even though their tooltip says they can't be used in a fluid reactor.

It is also a bit confusing that they have the same tooltip while in a fluid reactor, which can't be helped, I guess.
Steps To ReproducePut a heat exchanger of any kind in a EU reactor, heat it up a little, then retrieve it and put it into a fluid rector.
Additional InformationIC2 2.8.187-ex112

Other installed mods: CodeChicken Lib and JEI.
Tags1.12.2, Heat Exchanger, Nuclear Reactor, reactor
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-09-20 08:01

reporter   ~0006149

This is the case since I have noticed this. I personally don’t consider this really to be a bug as it doesn’t really affect anything much. Besides, it is a lot more convenient to insert a little damaged heat exchangers as most of the times they don’t cool completely by themselves.


2019-09-20 08:05

reporter   ~0006150

It is pretty easy to completely cool heat exchangers using component vents. And while this is very inconvenient to do, you cn het them up in an EU rector and then cool them in a fluid reactor, which lets you utilize both the EU and Heat from fuel rods.

Regardless of how balanced that is, either they are not supposed to be inserted into a fluid reactor or they are not supposed to have the tooltip. One of those is a minor bug.


2019-09-21 13:40

reporter   ~0006151

The heated heat exchangers aren't supposed to be inserted into a fluid reactor, which I'm pretty sure, and I admit that this can lead to over-efficient reactors. What I'm concerned about is the need to completely cool heat exchangers, especially when designs needs to be changed in large scales and when you accidentally take out the wrong component from a fluid reactor that happens to be a heat exchanger.


2019-09-21 13:55

reporter   ~0006153

If you accidentally screw with your design, you have to shut your reactor down, but in an EU reactor cooling the exchangers is trivial with reactor and component vents.

But yeah I'd support if you could just insert them into a cheap block where they cool off.

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