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0002633Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2021-03-01 05:16
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Summary0002633: missing texture on placement
DescriptionWhen placing just about any machine it will appear very briefly and then turn to a missing texture, once you log out and back in the texture reverts back to normal.
Steps To machine
2. machine turn into missing texture and is non interactable
3. relog
4. machine works fine now
Additional Informationin the screen shot there are two metal formers sitting side by side
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-11-23 21:36


2019-11-23_13.34.46.png (350,549 bytes)


2021-02-21 00:38

reporter   ~0006300

Did you ever figure out what was happening? I'm having the same issue and sometimes they look right, but when I use the machine it disappears.

Do you also have other mods installed?


2021-03-01 05:16

reporter   ~0006301

I have not experienced this issue, but I play vanilla + IC2.

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